Pilates questions and answers...

Q...Women who had a baby, especially a c-section always want to know how to get their abdominals flat, tone, and back to their pre baby body?

A... Pilates will tone your core by having you work deep within your pelvic floor.  Your muscles will be defined, tight, toned, and shaply. You might even obtain an even better body then you had previously!

Q...Who is best suited for Pilates? What will Pilates really do for me??


A... Pilates is just about the most versatile exercise out there, Pilates is for the young and the old, the weak and strong, the inflexible and incredibly balanced soul.  It's for the individual and group, for a piece of mind and a breath, from the inside out. You'll gain CORE STRENGTH while toning the muscles of your abodomen and spine. Known as STRENGTH TRAINING, all Pilates exercises initiate from a strong, stable core and transfer through the powerful muscles of the hips and shoulders to the extemities.  Mat pilates classes are BODY WEIGHT RESISTANCE TRAINING that give meaning and challenge to basic floor exercises like push-up, sit-up and plank.  Addressing balance, coordination, and endurance Pilates is FUNCTIONAL FITNESS.  You'll sit and stand, kneel and balance. Using resistance of the pilates ring and body weight you'll push, pull, squat, climb and lay down. Make sure you learn from a EDUCATED, CERTIFIED and EXPERIENCED instructor.  Professional athletes, cyclists, runner, swimmers, deconditioned adults,  children and teens, individuals with chronic conditions {arthritis, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinsons}, and post-rehab patients recovering from trauma, surgery and repetitive strain injuries all benefit from PILATES.


Q...Are there any Safety Precautions and will it hurt my neck while doing Pilates?


A...A mat will help cushion your body while lying on the floor. Shoes are optional during this pilates workout, but not recommended. Only complete as many exercises as you can using good form, taking a break as needed.  As you progress, try to finish the entire video.  If you're new to Pilates, some of these exercises will cause fatigue in your neck muscles, but the more you practice the stronger your neck will become.  If necessary, use one hand for light support behind your head and neck during exercises, or relax back down to the mat until you're ready to go again.


Q...How can Pilates help Prevent Injury?


A... Pilates is being used by more people and athletes as a means to "crosstrain." By strengthening the core muscles, Pilates helps to teach the body more efficient and balanced movement. Pilates improves flexibility to help prevent injury. Athletes who have better core strength are thought to have better dynamic control of their movements, and are less likely to sustain injuries.  This is what is known as "neuromuscular control," which has been used to prevent injuries including ACL tears and ankle sprains.


Q...How Can Pilates Help an Injured Athlete?


A...Pilates uses many of the same principles used to help injured athletes recuperate.  Pilates focuses on control of movement, so as to prevent further injury to the body.  Pilates is low-impact and does not induce inflammation and overuse syndromes.  Increases in strength and improvements in flexibility are additional benefits of Pilates.


Q...Will Pilates help me lose weight?


A..Anyone who commits to Pilates workouts will create a trimmer appearance, and most will lose significant weight. Pilates is famous for creating long, lean, fit bodies. there are many ways that doing Pilates supports weight loss and a trimmer appearance:

*Exercise burns calories. How many calories you burn depends on your body type and your level of exertion.

*Creating lean muscle mass, as Pilates does, is one of the best ways to increase your calorie-burning potential.

*Pilates tones and shapes the body

*One of the best ways to look and feel thinner is to have beautiful posture.  Pilates creates a leaner look by emphasizing both length and good alignment.

*Pilates promotes deep and efficient respiration, which is essential for calorie burning and tissue regeneration.

*Engaging in an exercise program, like Pilates, promotes self-esteem and heightened lifestyle consciousness. Both are associated with weight loss. 


Q...Whats the difference between Pilates and Yoga?


A...Pilates mainly concentrates on cultivating core strength in the body and lengthening the spine. Also, Pilates is a valuable tool for increasing strength, definition and proper posture.  Yoga aims to work the body equally and unite the body mind and spirit.  Yoga is often considered therapeutic, when compared to Pilates, as it helps people find harmony and release stress.  Yoga has many different styles, but all are generally performed in a group setting on a yoga mat with the aid of a yoga instructor.  Pilates has a full compound of mat work, but it also incorporates work on Pilates machines which help build a longer, leaner, dancer-like physique.


Q... Why does "A body in motion stays in motion?"

A... When you are just laying on the couch not moving your muscles, facia and bones everything gets stiff and becomes tight. that is why you need to move your body.